The Ancient Ibicenco Fighting Art of Search Engine Optimisation

Saturday, July 12, 2008

SEO (Adult) Humour

One last quick mention of something that made us laugh last night, but:

  1. be warned, it uses swear words, (not porn or anything) but no under 13's should look, nor easily offended types - but then you probably shouldnt be reading this blog either
  2. (see disclaimer top right)
  3. be quick it probably wont be up very long.

It addresses the fascination people have for Google, and asks is there realistically any other alternative, now or in the future..? Once again NOT CHILD SAFE & NOT WORK SAFE dont come crying to us if you dont like the F word, we are fighting troops and use strong language. but made us chuckle in that geeky SEO Humour kind of way...

New Search Engine? as of 20 July 08 appears to be down

chuckle chuckle..



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