The Ancient Ibicenco Fighting Art of Search Engine Optimisation

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Summer Sitrep

Right stop what you're doing and listen up lads.

Ok firstly some of you heard the rumours, but now its confirmed, the SEO Scotland op is officially off due to a lack of interest all round at the top. Yes I know some of you were already picturing the lassies, but it's not happening so get over it.

Secondly web mania are still utter pants but are under heavy siege both in the SERP and from irate customers in the comments, so that's covered now for the forseeable.

Finally, and the main reason for this briefing, HQ had another slight altercation earlier in the week with a "forum expert" with another (as in possibly Texan) target along the lines of "Hooston SEO Clown" remember him? :)

However reports are yet not conclusive as Geordie was muttering the words Odessa Florida and Tampa as he passed out in the bar and couldn't remember a thing when he came round.

So "Operation Alicia SEO" is a standard code 4, and all the usual protocols apply, so we'll have no more of that "improvisation" from the long range team, funny though it definitely was ;)

Ok get to it, over and out.

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Office

So we've had a few questions lately regarding the new HQ & Spec ops forward base, so thought we'd share.

As you can see we have more than enough SEO firepower for our tiny island and so will not be taking any lip from Extranjeros, and especially ones with funny accents.

Sleazy-Jet Chav Mafia be advised.

and as usual Telefonica's internet capabilities are somewhat sub-optimal, if we have any networking specialists or CCIE s to hand, stay behind.

The rest of you, as you were...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spec Ops 2011

Ok lads, R & R is over, back at it.

First up, back in blighty, we have HQ's Web Mania "project", which although gathering pace..

... is yet to make page 1 for their name, so let's get that sorted ASAP.

Secondly, back on the home front, HQ are ramping up the serp defence ops on "SEO Services Ibiza" against Braveheart and fortifying the main brand with a scrolling real-time box:
seo services ibiza

... and a new universal search (video) presence

See also : SEO services Ibiza and the SEO Ibiza Youtube channel

These new outposts are to be positioned either directly above or immediately below the real-time pop-out forthwith.

However before you some of you go getting too excited about those Scottish lassies, you should bear in mind that the entire SEO Scotland counter-attack is looking very likely to be canceled due to a distinct lack of long-range recce volunteers or interest.

Ok, as you were, Ibiza out.

Sitrep 26-01-2011 UK Perimeter secured, coming on nicely lads..


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