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Friday, August 8, 2008

Living TV Ibiza - Utter Utter Shit!

Declaration of War!!

The Ibicenco SEO Warriors hereby declare SERP War on Living TV's "Ibiza" series. This program is the biggest pile of steaming poo to grace TV screens since the travesty that was "Ibiza Uncovered".

The production crew stated they wanted to show the other side of the Island, the classy side of things, the glamorous people who live here year round, the uber cool, trendy and the stylish and rich, the Ibiza we all love. ..And then what do the lying two-faced shameless ratings whores do?

Focus on every freak wierdo, waster and loser they can find, head straight for San An where few real residents even go during the summer unless absolutely necessary, stage manage, set up and edit even the few sensible people they film, edit out anything that makes the place look half normal and focus exclusively on the freaks, summer workers and wasters.

Living TV you have insulted our friends, our home and the Island we love. You have lied to everybody about your true intentions and have just gone ahead and made Ibiza Uncovered 2, right when the Island needs it least. We were absolutely correct that the best part of this program was the Ibiza viral trailer from a few posts ago.

Economically, Ibiza Uncovered 2008 this insult could not have come at a worse time

For this outrage the Ibicenco SEO Warriors hereby declare SEO Jihad on you and yours. We will hunt you in the charts and spit on your steaming pile of shite from on high.

We know youve been filming some cool people too, where are they?

Either turn this garbage round immediately, or prepare to be savagely Googletrolled and taught the power of SEO by those who know.

UPDATE 09-08-08 Hahahahaha!!!!

... feel the power of SEO Ibiza's Spec Ops team's - keyword snipers hitting their mark right between the eyes ;)

This is what actually Living in Ibiza is like


Anonymous said...

We totally agree and could not have put it better. As residents of Ibiza for many years we are outraged at the way in which they have lied and manipulated people's words and actions to be shown in the worst light.

Show the real people and give Ibiza the chance to really shine!

Mike said...

This made me laugh as I have seen a couple of these programs and thought what are they doing to our Island's reputation? All they need is to finish up with some dodgy bedroom antics ala "Kez" and this will easily out-do "Ibiza Uncovered" 's original efforts to taint the Island and destroy the tourism all those years ago.

Charter caicco Ibiza said...

this was a terrible program, and the endless repeats.. awful.



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