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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Living TV Ibiza - Ibiza Uncovered 2008

Living TV's new series "Ibiza" has come at the worst possible time for the Island's economy.

Sold to many wary (and rightly as it turned out) Island dwellers as:

...charting the delights and downfalls of life on the ultimate hedonism hotspot that is once again the destination regaled by party-seekers and media alike as the place to be. Young or old, famous or just frivolous, the beautiful Balearic isle has regained its crown as the destination of choice for thrill seekers seeking chic island adventures.

...intriguing characters and lush locations that will inspire and entertain, leaving viewers eager to join the party and share the whole Ibiza experience in all its vibrant glory. Over a run of nine one-hour episodes, viewers will be introduced to the many faces of Ibiza, from one end of the island’s vivid spectrum to the other.

The series will explore the club culture that has given the island its well-deserved reputation as party capital of the world; where hardcore clubbers can be seen rubbing shoulders with Ibiza regulars Jade Jagger, Sadie Frost, Sienna Miller, James Blunt, and Peaches Geldof.

Living TV have instead shamelessly gone back on their promises and ignored anyone with half a clue, and focused exclusively on freaks and oddballs for ratings.

The few sensible normal people they have filmed have been edited out, or have had small details of their lives blown up out of all proportions and turned into the main story in a sickening sensationalist editing spree.

In effect they have produced Ibiza Uncovered 2008 just when the Island needs it least.

Talking this week about the Island's impending economic crisis, the vice-president of CAEB, Joan Bufi, the largest and most important association of businesses on the island, confirmed on Wednesday... significant parts bolded.
"economic growth during the next year would be minimal. The news, whilst coming as no surprise, seems to be the final confirmation that the island is in the depths of a crisis. The director for the economy department at CAEB, Vicenc Tur, said much now depended on the tourist season.

If that continued to increase, however marginally, there would still be a possibility of maintaining growth. If, on the other hand, the tourist season was a poor one, which he explained was a distinct possibility (**No Shit Sherlock?!) the chances of negative growth were very real.

He claimed there were a number of causes of the economic decline including high petrol prices. However, he said the main reason for economic stagnation was the difficulty in gaining credit.

The big freeze by all of the island's financial institutions had ensured it was impossible to increase economic activity or open a new business, which had led to the economy becoming stale.

The vice-president of CAEB, Joan Bufi, repeated that the economic situation over the next year lay firmly in the hands of the tourist industry.

However, he said the signs so far were that this season was proving a disappointment.

He pointed out that the main difference between Ibiza and all of the other Balearic destinations was the reliability of the island on the British market.

With an economic crisis in full swing in the UK, as well as a weak pound which had lowered in value by around 20 per cent over the last twelve months, he predicted the island would continue to suffer.

From the Ibiza Sun

......In the meantime Living TV's Ibiza has glibly gone ahead with it's stereotypical lame misrepresentation of the Island and it's residents and dealt a potentially savage blow to the Island's tourism, which when combined with the short sighted attack on the clubbing economy this year by the Government, which has slaughtered the Islands clubs, and globally, the clubbers desire to come here any more, the global economic recession and the Euro's strength against the GBP Pound, plus the attack on the Island's black villas economy, could well prove to be the final straw.

We the Ibicenco SEO Warriors call on the people of Ibiza to reject Living TV from your clubs bars and homes. Throw them out, shun them in the street and drive them from our lands.

We urge you to cease all co operation, communication with this lot, dont even allow them access to food and water. Send them home immediately.

These people are not your friends.

Go here for a better idea of what Ibiza living is actually like.


Ibiza resident said...

well said!! they made my friend look like a right twat.

No Volem Patata said...

never trust press or media. look to your face and lie. cut & edit, make to look story they want to tell.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, watching the program actually made me want to go to Ibiza.

My flight is booked for 2nd Sept.

high command said...


you wouldn't happen to work for Original Productions (the Irony of that name) or Living TV would you?

its a shame we can see IP addresses on this blog.

high command said...

can't, can't see them not can...

white ibiza said...

dreadful program, truly dreadful.

Anonymous said...

I watched this programme and cancelled the holiday I had booked to Ibiza it looked so bad. Instead I'm going to Mallorca which is supposed to have much nicer people on it. Cost me a lot of money, but looking at the show, I think I made the right decision.

high command said...

yes this is a problem, its what we're concerned about, people judging the place by this "program"

and by "program" we mean shameless sad pathetic attempt at capturing the spirit of Ibiza by focusing only on the "ratings winners" ala Jerry Springer. would depend where your holiday was booked of course but we can assure you that the Ibiza we all know and love is a million miles away from their jaded stereotyped "worst of San An" portrait, and to judge Ibiza in any way, based on the steaming pile of dung they attempt to smear the place with is a big mistake.

Living in Ibiza said...

Living in Ibiza is great, one of the best decisions I ever made, if this awful program keeps the hordes away that's fine by me :)


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