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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ibiza Girls

ibiza girls

Girls in Ibiza - foxy ladies out on the town (pics courtesy of our mates at Ibiza Voice)

Ok so we'll be honest this is a pure experiment in image optimization manipulation and traffic, and what better picture to experiment on, than some Ibiza ladies, who are indeed, some of the fittest in the world

Our pals Voice already rank highly for this phrase with this picture (and if at this point we could just commend Google for this fine choice of rankings) so we're just looking at:
  • how possible / easy it is to pressgang rankings and traffic from the host site (as people have been doing to us lately)
  • improving their rankings by linking at it, - allegedly images can still be google bombed?
  • the picture, for hours and hours.. :)

However, we do also have real work to do today as well, new celeb site coming online very shortly, watch this space, but in the meantime feel free to gaze longingly at the Ibiza Girls..

...God bless them all.


travel blog said...

is this what you lot are up to when you're supposed to be working then?

no wonder you're always so busy..

Anonymous said...

This isn't a pic from Ibiza, this is a pic of porn stars here in Los Angeles

high command said...

thats a serious allegation you're making there soldier, do you have any proof?

it's been on the Ibiza Voice site since 2005.


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