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Friday, November 28, 2008

Retiring the Old Battle Horse?

There was once a time, way back in the long, long before, when this blogspot weaponry was more than enough for the spec ops group.

It was never a mighty battle horse but was trusty and reliable steed, and has at times seen great glory, including the "Microsofts free websites" campaign which continues on in greatness, the "Attention America" campaign has also brought much mirth, and grows ever stronger.. click the image, #1 out of 148, 000,000

and she's done great work in the indian invasion serp counter attack, ..but lately something's changed, it seems we can no longer rely on her, and are sadly thinking about putting the old girl out to pasture..

For example, the SEO Afghanistan mission, an easy mission, no opposition whatsoever, one shot, straight in, and that's where we'd expect it to stay.

What we wouldn't expect is for it to just then up and vanish from the already secured position, and off the face of the SERP, whilst still being indexed in a site: search. hmm...

The previous two Ibiza Girls posts, the same.. hmmm...

Whilst the second (Pacha) Ibiza girls image has risen some 12 places and made the bottom of the first page of image search (showing that the old girl still has some punch left in her links) the posts are conspicuously absent from the SERPs.

It's not quite desertion of one's post during wartime but it's not good, so it may be time to just retire the old soldier gracefully.. will let you know.

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