The Ancient Ibicenco Fighting Art of Search Engine Optimisation

Thursday, November 18, 2010

SEO Services Ibiza

Ok listen up

Operatives should note we have orders effective immediately to bump the search
"SEO Services Ibiza" thus:

A new forward base has also been established here: SEO Ibiza and may be used for expert SEO incursions at will. ..Those of you engaged in the JP Morgan op can leave that for the moment, apparently this takes priority "as a matter of principle, we're not having any cheek from those sweaties" ..even though HQ only recently noticed we've been stamping all over their SERPs for a little while now.

Still, if we make an exception for this one, they'll all be trying to move here and that is totally unacceptable.

Update 23-Nov 2010: perimeter position secured, digging in now.

SEO services Ibiza out.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

JP Morgan called...

..Looking for some "Reputation Management" on this Max Kaiser guy who started this whole "Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver" thing by ranking him #1 for "Financial Terrorism"

..and they also wanted to know if we could arrange it so that when people typed in "Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver" it would bring up a whole SERP of their own articles (cunningly rewritten) thus:
"Buy JP Morgan - Crash Silver" instead ?
- Obviously they weren't aware we already had operatives in the area so we told them we'd
"see what we can do" :)

Secondly we had a coded message in from Morpheus saying he's run out of red pills again and he's absolutely mobbed with people needing to take them over there so if someone could sort that out ASAP.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winter Ops Schedule

Ok lads listen up.

Summer break's over now, things are hotting up in several arenas currently, firstly it looks like we made the right choice staying out of SEO Iran as it looks like they won't be going down without a fight. - You must have heard the news about **someone** cough, cough launching a missile 35 miles from the US coast by now?

Well we've had technical do some image enhancements and spotted something we don't think they're going to like when they finally work it out, so we'll be keeping this one to ourselves for the moment, but just be aware.

Closer to home however the observant may have noticed another comedy "SEO Ibiza" assault by none other than summer's SEO Scotland suspect. Once again he seeks to employ the power of Hubs and syndicated blog posts to attempt to snipe leads from HQ's brand search.

This cheekiness cannot go without appropriate response but HQ said to stand down because maybe he might get rid of one or two of those irritating Chinese scrapers down there anyway. Amusingly Intel reports that he is as yet unaware of his soon-to-be #1 ranking over on Google images :)

Nor any of his more memorable tributes :)

However, all amusement aside, under duress HQ finally agreed to a little "expert SEO" counter-attack, volunteers stay behind afterwards please, the rest of you, as you were.


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