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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SEO Humor

Ok it's back to analytics for some more amusing longtail hits in the funny things people typed over the last couple of months.

Mostly from here, the spec ops blog, but a couple (with permission) from random client & friends blogs and sites. We've separated them out into SEO humor and non-seo humor as not everybody thinks SEO geekiness is as funny as we do.

So start off with non-seo related humor, and we can see the way you dirty animals are all thinking - we've had to replace letters with * in places as we dont want google thinking we're one of those blogs, but we've hits (some from images too) from:
  • the fittest lady in the world
  • nude female dj
  • site da smokin
  • luxury s*x furniture
  • "wants to go to ibiza badly"
  • bad things that could happen to a tourist in Ibiza
  • may i have your attention please return to Ibiza
  • giving finger
  • sh*t workers Ibiza 2008
  • desperados Ibiza free
  • Ibiza is my spiritual home
  • three in one superior snippers
  • free ibiza uncovered p*
  • ibiza porn government
  • ibiza sh*t party 08
  • inebriated dictionary
  • ibiza beautiful people naked
  • richest person in Ibiza + address
  • post free ads in the london website
  • the finger
And then we have the SEO related hits, most amusing (to SEO's obviously.. )
  • shit seo -
  • fit lady seo
  • dofollow blogs dj equipment comments posting
  • what is seo assistants
  • what is blog integration
  • how to do keyword sniping
  • what is keyword snipper
we are actually number one for Shit SEO after Living TV's Ibiza's googlebashing and don't really want it :) we'll try and help a new site take their rightful place

The "what is" and "how to" queries wouldn't be so funny except you know these are the next people to put SEO websites up and proclaim they are SEOs on DP, usually with some sort of basic level question about "how to" in public on the forum. :)

edit 12-11-08 - today from blog HQ. "how can we made seo expert" :)

and as for mr "dofollow blogs dj equipment posting" ..well you found us, we're dofollow, why didn't you comment? :)

....its a funny old game.


data logger said...

haha there's an opportunity I cant miss xx besos xx

More SEO Humour said...

cheeky chica :)

no worries allows us to linkdrop the latest SEO Humour post on funny Google searches and blogs

Backgammon Boards said...

ha, some of these are funny. we dont get anyhting like this on our site.


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