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Thursday, December 18, 2008

SEO Humor - Funny Google Searches

So the latest on SEO humor round-up..

First up, another funny pi$$take blog, (well hope so anyway, even funnier otherwise) ..this guys left a couple of comments on our blogs and so will likely notice this link.. we'll see soon.. :)

..Definitely worth a look when you're bored Optimize my Ass

And the last couple of weeks have been a bit slow on the funny search hits, but we have managed to round up a few suitably dry ones, and they're on a on a proper Ibiza celebrity hunting mission this time...

-first up we have..

  • Commando P*rn Guy - lol !
then the stalking begins:
  • dannii minogue home Ibiza where? - lol yes we'd like to know that too :)
  • Peaches Geldof Ibiza where?
  • San Joan Ibiza Jade Jagger house
Then we have some cheerful souls obviously wishing us all the best in the current situation:
  • crisis in Ibiza 2008 people have no money
  • the big freeze Ibiza
  • Ibiza f*cked
And amusingly (if somewhat predictably) the traffic to this hardly visited of places is up like 500% since the girlies did their stuff. :)

Yes.. ...well they are rather fine aren't they..? :)

But in conclusion, it does seem, strangely enough, that the global general population are more interested in (looking at pictures of) Ibiza's girls, than reading about Ibiza's SEO??!!



Ibiza Yoga said...

haha just been reading all your nonsense, you do make me laugh.

see you this afternoon

Jax xx


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