The Ancient Ibicenco Fighting Art of Search Engine Optimisation

Friday, November 7, 2008

SEO India Serp under Siege

Reports are coming in from our front line embedded journalist that the shock troops have struck fiercely deep in SEO Services India territory, and the battle is nearing the final stages..

At Ibiza HQ this evening the deeply handsome General in charge of things said:

"The Indian SEO community were given every chance to comply with the resolution but for reasons best known to themselves decided not to hand over the girl.

Bad decision, now they'll have to suffer the consequences.. Unfortunately these troops were so deep undercover we couldn't have called it off even if we could remember what the secret codes were..

Anyway it won't be long now, #30's is the virtual equivalent of the soldiers kicking your gate in and storming up the garden path.."

The stock markets braced themselves this evening for the shockwaves that will inevitably ripple through the financial markets, and if you are in the SEO Services India area our advice is to stay indoors and hide under your lounge table.

There's a special phone number for concerned friends and relatives to call, we, er just cant remember what it is..



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