The Ancient Ibicenco Fighting Art of Search Engine Optimisation

Thursday, April 30, 2009

SEO India - what's the matter with you all?

Right listen up.

HQ been sorely disappointed at the lack of response to the FREE SEO INDIA link competition.

We know there are thousands of Indian SEO companies out there, 99% of whom, this link would be highly beneficial to. So instead of your constant hit and run one liner attempts on the blogs, how about someone step up to the challenge and prove that they do know what they're talking about, and that they have a well put together site.
Is this really too much to ask for a link that will do most of your SEO India serp work for you?
..Searching Google for and then trying hit and run comments on those places and our blogs is not going to get you anywhere.

Get over to the competition and prove you have a clue, and it's yours. Look the post about the competition is on the first page for:
"SEO India link" <<--Try search
And the winners link will be on the page that links to, plus of course on the comments on the competition. We see you on there via Woopra, what are you waiting for? What are you scared of?

We'll treat all entries fairly,. we promise.. ;)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tactical Sitrep Ibiza

Breaking news.. some cheeky monkey has only gone and registered ..way to never be number #1 for your own name.. (we hope :)

The reason HQ's Numpty is so confident he won't get banned from Google is that he is doing the exact same thing, he has a bundle of hidden links to his HTML pages (that are shown through Flash) hidden behind a full screen Flash gay-scapade.. And he hasn't been banned yet, so this is obviously proof that "Google won't ban you for hidden links..." .. yes ok Dick. : -/

The amusing "Ibiza" searches are slowly returning, these made us chuckle this week..
  • women commando ibiza how many - ( seriously.. :)
  • girls going commando
  • ibiza + yoga + sex :) ( ..there's a thought, haven't optimized for that yet..)
  • the funniest music in Ibiza 2008 ( - David Guetta, no contest ;)
  • what part of Ibiza is Danni Minogue's house
  • Ibiza "how to blag it all summer" - got to admire their fighting spirit, down but not out.. :)
Seriously these are all real.

And to top it all off HQ have just announced they're shortly going to publish all their advanced tactics just for a laugh.

whatever next?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Return of the SEO Master

We could possibly have been accused of being a bit dismissive, if not even a little mischievous in our approach to this guy in the past regarding the Superior SEO campaign, but everyone can learn, and it looks like he's got it all sorted now..

check Search Engine Spider Food.. awesome, seriously.... :)

"Tip for the day.." Do ... not .... shoot ... yourself ... in the foot! .. by thinking ....

....that you know how to approach the internet" :)

"If you need a true.. engine optimzation services, then you should call me...

"I am the SEO Master, I am the wildcat SEO Master..

"I can do.. for you and your business, what no-one else can do..."

This is exactly what the dull statistical world of SEO needs, an ancient Master with
"T3H R34L 5EO" :)
We hereby retract everything we ever thought or implied about our man here, and bow before the true SEO Master.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ibiza Numpties Puppies Ladies & Funnies

Spec ops have been a bit quiet of late, not deep undercover terrorizing a SERP near you, nor optimizin' your ladies you might be surprised to hear :)

ibiza girls

But we found this one today and think they should be higher than their current #21 if possible, lets see what we can do.. ;)

..we haven't really had much to get our teeth properly into for a little while, and one of our number just got a new puppy :) it's all been a bit laid back for a while.

HQ have been dishing out Google bashings to Numpties quite well enough without our help, but we suspect we may get an order to rank the post for his name (without including his name in it, a spec ops speciality, the linkbombing filters make it harder these days)

We would prefer to wait till the post has critical mass of IBLs and then 301 it at his actual site and see if we can swap the two over in the charts :)

..but we probably wont be allowed, "professionalism an' all that.." lol..

In the meantime this site, has been amusing us hugely, it really is very funny.

..and speaking of funnies they've been a bit slow on the analytics too of late but here's a sprinkling of spec ops hits over the last few weeks.
  • beautiful ladies uncovered
  • girls of ibiza uncovered
  • ladies going commando
  • girls in malta need help
  • maltese girls need a man
  • 2 malta girls need a man :) - nothing like a bit of optimism.
  • horse seo :) ??!!
  • world sex seo - wtf?? - if this is a tournament we are definitely entering :)


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