The Ancient Ibicenco Fighting Art of Search Engine Optimisation

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well, we're feeling a bit like we expect the fighting Americans feel at the moment, overstretched and fighting on several fronts, against some tough opposition on the Business SEO search and as ever the boys are dug in waiting for reinforcements to turn up.

However ** SEO War** looks like a fairly easy term, and as we're floating around there @ #6 without having made any effort whatsoever for it, so may as well take that too on the way past.

We're not even going to bother with an assault page for this one, we'll just get one of the stable lads to pick it up on the way back from the SEO Mallorca Campaign.

The term is also slightly ironic because although we jest about all this in our silliness, it is sometimes a bit like a war between different webmasters for search positioning, and between local rival businesses.

..and especially so in a small place like Ibiza where everybody is all trying to do the same thing, and as soon as anyone sees someone else doing well, they all think that copying them is the way to succeed.

We think that generally, it's not. Standing out with something unique is a much better idea ;)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Blogging for SEO - Fast Indexing

The SEO Forums are full of people asking how to get their sites and pages indexed quickly. by far the best way we have found is to include the page links into a "trusted" blog, ie, one that when you ping Google, they come running and index quickly.

There seems to be an optimum posting frequency to maintain to keep your blog in this category, at about 8-10 posts per week, but anything more than twice weekly seems to ensure you don't get demoted to just getting cached whenever they fancy it.

So say we had just taken over the optimisation of this site ...following a server move, and have been making changes and want them to come and look at the new pages..

...then, probably the best way we could do that would be to make a blog post about it and include the links. In usually only a day or two the pages will be in the index.

All the people in the forums are more likely asking how to get their first site into the index and hence get to the "trusted" scenario initially..

...Content, content, content and then link to it. :)

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