The Ancient Ibicenco Fighting Art of Search Engine Optimisation

Friday, June 27, 2008

SEO Spec Ops Tactical Sit Rep

Tactical Situation Report - Important, Classified, Google Searchers only.

HQ have locked up and gone off on an all-expenses-paid jolly to the UK leaving us to not only invade SEO Services India and get the girl, but to keep watch on the home front as well.

So, obviously the moment they slacked off, we immediately started taking heavy incoming from Google image search - they are liking our post (or rather the image in it) about the Ibiza brand quite a lot..

The radar (Woopra) also picked up some humourous activity probing our defences this afternoon in the form of this search:

SEO + how much would have happened anyway : ) hahahaha!!

You have to wonder what this one was about, it sounds like a disgruntled customer wondering if his SEO company actually did anything for their money?

..or "would it have just happened anyway?" hahahah if this was you making this search, please do comment and let us know what this one was about? :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SEO - India Invasion Imminent!!

Orders came in from Blog HQ a few minutes ago to proceed with the SEO Services India invasion.

Diplomatic efforts to prevent hostilities have apparently fallen on deaf ears, and although an olive branch has been offered to the Indian SEO community, the offer of a trade of a certain young lady for safe passage of the India SERP now seems very unlikely.

The seo recon group are deeply embedded behind enemy lines and are using laser targeting devices to guide the usual SEO Ibiza "daisycutter" attack.

SEO Services India take heed, you have approximately 3 days from now to comply, and if the girl is not handed over in this time we will be over there romancing many more of your ladies by the end of the week.

Over and out.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

New SEO Humour site.

Right, I'm not sure where we've been these last couple of weeks (well I am actually, last minute battle preps, weaponry checks, and a prolonged bout of seo on the beach) - but in line with our policy of not taking life (and seo) too seriously we're always on the lookout for funnies, and especially seo related funnies.

Finding good seo humour is more difficult than you might think, and finding seo humour that translates to non-seo types (or seo civilians come to that) is almost impossible, as it's generally all "in-jokes" and geeky techy humour, and most seo civilians either dont understand, dont think its funny even when you explain it to them, or plain just don't care.

So as we are supposed to be an seo recon unit, we have to admit to slacking a bit really by letting this one slip under the radar so far.. ..It's has like 47 Sphinns and everything!! :)

..Introducing - creative satirical and well, (we think) quite funny. Check:

there ya go schmeach, bask in the glow of Ibiza's linklove, and we'll send you a postcard from foreign serpshores when we've landed and secured the area, and in the meantime keep an eye out for those "suicide google bombers" and if you need the seo jihadi warriors give us a shout. ;)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

SEO Invasion Warning...

We're not talking about the annual invasion of Ibiza by the tourists that's underway either...

With HQ back in action & positions secured and locked off, the seo spec ops group are on the march again, and intent on further establishing the SEO Ibiza brand of global search dominance, call it "empire building" if you will..

We dont really want SEO work from such foreign shores as India etc, but as others are well represented in say, the "SEO Spain" searches for example, we should really go take the fight to them on their own turf.

Someone's got to do it, and we have the speed, stealth & firepower to over run & capture these positions with relative ease.

there will of course be a total news blackout while the Ops are planned and executed, followed by much celebrating & gloating and the like once we have our boots firmly up on your table. ;)

seo spec ops over and out.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Attention America!! - (Keyword) Sniper Alert

Right listen up.

We find your insolence absolutely intolerable and your resolute defence of Country & Western and the one called "Streisand" is against everything we stand for here in the civilised world.

We warned you here Attention America and we've given you every possible chance including keyword sniping google to comply without making us resort to force, so now unfortunately you leave us no other option,'s "shock and awe" time.

It is possibly just a little outside of UN law, but well, we're right, you're wrong, and what do they know, so we're just going to do it anyway. ...sound familiar hmm?

HQ have now fixed the issues at basecamp, we've had a good R&R and are fully re-supplied ready for a little more foreign travel & serp invasion. It will surely help rid the local inhabitants of their tyrant leaders, and if not, well, we'll pick up all the lucrative rebuilding contracts once we've bombed your SERPs to bits anyway, so its win-win (for us)

You'll notice ** superior small business ** is now firmly under our control once again this morning after a daring seo commando raid in the early hours of yesterday morning, and we are now camped just over the brow of the first page ready for the final push on superior business just as soon as the radio call comes in.

So we would advise saying your goodbyes to your women now, because we will obviously be confiscating them on arrival, athough to be fair, once they see us and understand where they'll be living, they rarely complain for very long.

and if they do, well, we're still right and they're still wrong ;)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tactical Linking Tactics

Ok we've been accused in the past of talking a lot but not actually saying very much about tactics, of being vocal about what we are doing, but not so much how go about it.

As this is the SEO spec ops group, on mainly covert operations, that's to be expected really, but here's a few things we usually do as pretty much SOPs (standard operating procedures to you SEO Civilians)

1) Link to pages on sites that link to you - especially new links that arent yet cached - find somewhere else suitable & if possible drop a decent contextual link from there to it. It will often speed up caching, and gives the outgoing link a little jolt. This includes forum posts, forum profiles in some cases blog comments (dofollow) or mentions on other blog posts. this web design usability & power of impressions (thanks to SEO Design Solutions) or these ones, Boutique Self Catering Ibiza , Ibiza Events and Ibiza Hotels - where we've made some changes on the page we want recached and we've also arranged with the client to link to a friend of theirs (and another of our clients) on the page too. ..Of course we (always) want it cached ASAP (yesterday) -so get on with it Google :)

2) If you run more than one blog, syndicate the feeds from each onto the other. ...when you post on one, the other is then immediately linking at you with your best choice of anchor text. As your blogs grow in power, and dependent on your market, they can sometimes almost even rank each other's posts using this alone.

3) Always link to other bloggers posts, their permalinks, not their blog domain, and do it using suitable anchor text. Use the seo power of wordpress to alert them that you liked their post and have referenced it. People like to know that long hours of staring at screens and typing is being appreciated somewhere, and everybody likes to see links inbound. (You may even make new friends, and from there great things can happen.

4) Think about any subpages with either good pagerank or decent inbound links to them as "power-nodes" - think about routing this out of there through your best anchor text at pages that need help.

5) Courtesy of SDS (above) - brilliance in it's simplicity - use google to tell you which page is most relevant for your term by searching


- it usually makes sense to further link to the strongest page for the term, or at least it highlights potential issues in the site, i.e if your "best" page for the job is not showing at the top.

6) Always
keep in mind that the relative strength of a link, whether it's an internal or external inbound is always PR divided by no of links offpage with regards to ranking power. The gurus will tell you (toolbar) Pagerank is unimportant, but they would always select a PR6 link over a PR0, we guarantee you.

No, it's not accurate but on a scale of 1-10, ..well, we'd bet it's more accurate than just picking a likely number blindfolded? ..combine this with looking closely at the number of links off the page and you probably will be surprised which and where your best links are PR / strength wise.

And finally, unrelated to tactical linking ops, if you're a wordpress design theme wizard, get onboard this one ASAP, Wordpress theme competition - it could be your big break, seriously..

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Keyword Sniping & Google fun..

A few people have been having some SEO-style fun in the Google charts recently, it's becoming a bit of a game lately for many with the ability to make their writings show up in the SERP.

The Hobo was doing it at the expense of a poor little Indian SEO guy who was doubtlessly just trying to feed his family by ninja link spamming Shaun's blog, and he's also been picking on another poor helpless guy just trying to earn a crust selling some (very obviously) genuine and all-above board T-in the-Park Tickets.

...Well, to be fair the Scottish are well known for their fiestiness, but in Ibiza we're harder still.

We not picking on your seo-clueless helpless man-on-the-street types, we're taking on the world's mightiest, most technical and misguided nation themselves.. America.. check us...

attention america

Now listen up, and listen good, HQ dropped the ball and let us down with the backup, so we had to let you have superior small business back again, but it won't last and we won't go away...

Your 12 million page searches are nothing for the Ibizenco warriors and our mighty blogspot google-weaponry, we can harass the world's richest man himself and his mighty corporation for for their own name and products - Microsofts free websites

& we will not go away until you renounce Country & Western and hand over Streisand, and be warned if we have to come back again, we won't stop and let the ragnecks get away like last time, we'll take Superior Business next time too and finish it off.

Make it easy on yourselves and hand them over or the SEO Jihad will resume.

Cutts is great!! Cutts is great!!

SEO Ibiza are off to the beach.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Woopra Live Analytics

We got approved for the beta testing program for Woopra a few days ago, and it's got to be said, we like it.. and well, it's well worth a link guys, have that one on us...

...we'll talk more about it once we've had time to play properly, but well, we think it's definitely going to be big and we are quite likely to end up addicted to Woopra.

Notwithstanding that, advice would be to get yourselves signed up, and be patient, they are inundated, and understandably so.

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