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Sunday, June 22, 2008

New SEO Humour site.

Right, I'm not sure where we've been these last couple of weeks (well I am actually, last minute battle preps, weaponry checks, and a prolonged bout of seo on the beach) - but in line with our policy of not taking life (and seo) too seriously we're always on the lookout for funnies, and especially seo related funnies.

Finding good seo humour is more difficult than you might think, and finding seo humour that translates to non-seo types (or seo civilians come to that) is almost impossible, as it's generally all "in-jokes" and geeky techy humour, and most seo civilians either dont understand, dont think its funny even when you explain it to them, or plain just don't care.

So as we are supposed to be an seo recon unit, we have to admit to slacking a bit really by letting this one slip under the radar so far.. ..It's has like 47 Sphinns and everything!! :)

..Introducing - creative satirical and well, (we think) quite funny. Check:

there ya go schmeach, bask in the glow of Ibiza's linklove, and we'll send you a postcard from foreign serpshores when we've landed and secured the area, and in the meantime keep an eye out for those "suicide google bombers" and if you need the seo jihadi warriors give us a shout. ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on this site! I could go for a good chuckle on a Sun afternoon, even if it is work related.

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Really a good one. SEO humour site itself is quite cool enough.

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