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Friday, October 16, 2009

Code Red (Nose)

derek powazek
Right stop what you're doing and listen up.

I know you've been having lots of fun toying with various harmless clowns but summer's over now, it's time to get back to our real jobs again.

1. Derek Powazek - orders are to engage and image troll this know-nothing arrogant tool until he's crying into his nancy-boy latte. I know you're going to enjoy this one, rarely does someone need such an SEO slapping as this utter cock.

2. It's time to engage the local "creative marketing" "company" who are building hugely expensive sites for prestige clients, and then hiding links in the clients HTML pages back to their own Directory site to make it rank at the expense of the clients rankings..

The cheek of this is just astounding, they are:-

a) taking huge amounts of money to build a Flash front-end (yawn)

b) taking even more money to build an HTML site behind it for rankings purposes

c) then linking invisibly from the clients pages to their OWN site to rank that instead

d) then trying to charge the clients for an entry in their own (now top 5 ranking) directory ad pages

They are risking their new client being banned from Google (hidden links) so they can rank their own site and sell advertising there too!!

Talk about have your cake and eat it, "creative internet marketing" indeed!

(if you click the link above you'd probably be able to work out who this is.. ;)

What's interesting about the pairing of these two Spec Ops projects is that the second company (person) seems to be exactly the sort of thing Powazek is talking about, but it's not the work of an "SEO" it's the work of "Web Designers" attempting to do SEO.

This is obviously the general "understanding" of SEO by the average web designer. Dont get us wrong, there are a (very) few rare exceptions to this, but in general, and definitely in Ibiza..

So get your shit together live-o, first squad of Google image snipers to deploy at 18.00 hours.

Spec ops out.


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