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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spec Ops Blog :)

Well it's only to be expected really, isn't it?

ok as you were..


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SEO Iran?

Unbelievable. No sooner do we secure SEO Yemen..

..than the yanks start their bloody war talk on Iran instead.

These people need to make their minds up, it's no wonder they can't catch SEO bin Laden and his cousin Osama bin Spammin' their attention spans definitely need work.

Anyway, SEO Iran is a whole different ballgame than our Yemeni-trained pants bomber

The special forces (the Analytic Guard) are well trained, well supplied, and heavily dug in. In fact their SERP defence is not unlike like HQ's SEO Ibiza dominance

And, er, we haven't had time to "pickupadalingo" so if it's all the same with you we might sit this one out.. ?

Now c'mon don't be like that, we've been supporting your "SEO wars on this, and wars on that" for as long as we can remember now, we were there for you in Badhdad (Iraq) and who can ever forget the fun in Afhganistan ?

But seriously, we think our state-of-the art wordpress sniper skills can be much better employed than running around sorting your nonsense out anymore..

Let's just say the SEO Spec Ops are going into "private security" from now on.


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