The Ancient Ibicenco Fighting Art of Search Engine Optimisation

Monday, March 29, 2010

Superior SEO - 2010

Right listen up.

While we've been away conquering foreign SERPs, as usual in such circumstances, whilst the Troops have been away risking their Google profiles for your safety, the "non-combatants" who've stayed (at home) have gotten brave enough to have been out "peace protesting" = attempting to crack onto our ladies, and organizing themselves into pockets of "resistance"

This is to be quelled ASAP, we now have orders to put down any / all homeland dissent with authorization to use as much SEO Power as required, up to and including lethal force i.e. tactical linkpower strikes & CQSEO SERP War Tactics as required.

Obviously being Spec Ops (SEO Recon) we've been scoping out the "uprisings" and while they are weak, sporadic and scattered, still, total SEO superiority must be re-imposed forthwith.

The attached briefing shows that although the enemy is completely clueless, regarding their actual penetration, moral seems to high for some reason, maybe due to some vague probing of defenses and moderate success on one flank (3 phrases if searches are conducted from the US - needs a gl=us in the SERP string) - Globally however, ie searched from anywhere else but the US, - ie UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, South America, etc HQ's Superior SEO empire is still strong.

Apart from the Clown prince however there are also multiple other targets seemingly planning insurgency and attacks, notably these individuals. - (butch returns) website here

"Jake" - unknown status, although known to us (ex operative) suspect double agent, openly linking to one of our positions but simultaneously building & acquiring sniper technology on hosted subdomains - watch closely.
NOTE: individuals on this list get one warning (link) each, this is your first and final warning, after this anyone still in the SERP after 15.00 hours today is responsible for their own fates, you have been warned.

Update 07-April 2010

Lol, that didn't take long, and considering the link strikes that have been called in (and yet to arrive) are the rough equivalent of Gandalph & crew riding in from the East at Dawn, it's highly doubtful ass clown will ever see his beloved "Trophy terms" at #1 again..

Website rewrite required numpty, and while you're at it, take any mention of our company off your lame-ass site, or we really will drop any semblance of civility and embarrass you beyond your wildest dreams on the world SEO stage, for you truly are SEOBullshit at it's finest, and if anybody deserves a write up on there you do.


Spec Ops out

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dodgy Rankings Companies

Right listen up. ..What is it with "SEO companies" with "Rankings" in their names?

Obviously we use both SEO and "company" in the loosest possible sense of the words..

2009 was the year of TN's "Funny Page Rankings" who has still got another company's name plastered all over the front page of business site ..seriously.. :)

..and now this year HQ have taken offense at ABC Rankings stealing content from the main site with scrapers, spinning it, and building .info spam networks with our name plastered all over them too.

So Spec Ops first job as privateers looks like we're off to Thailand..

watch this space...

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