The Ancient Ibicenco Fighting Art of Search Engine Optimisation

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Troops - Attention !!

Right, we're back.

After a prolonged summer break lapping up the last of the hot summer sun, and out meeting & engaging new clients - involving multiple "business meetings" or "SEO on the beach" as we prefer to think of it, the spec ops crew are reporting back for duty once more.

In our crosshairs for the winter are several friend's new sites including:

The Kdot Empire expands.. Kdot's new base, and There is a further client site of hers in development currently, who is a relatively well known urban (pop) star MC type, coming online in the next month or two, watch this space.

Top female DJ, Smokin Jo, who is matey with the boss, has launched her new site last week, and is playing the Space Closing Party this weekend, (and likely having it large in DC10 on Monday) seeya there - DC10 not Space ;)

Will Johnston, Bora Bora DJ and another mate of the bosses, site: is going into overdrive in the next few months with big plans in the making.

In our opinion, this site truly deserves success, the quality of the video content just says it all.

If you could see, as we have this summer, the time and effort that goes into running the site, the hours & hours of filming and editing work, done by a dedicated team, at their own expense, for 7 years now, just because they love it so much, you would agree they deserve it to be big.

Nowhere else on the web, can you find Dance Music Video of this quality, with the world's best DJs at the world's best clubs, the sets recorded live, and edited into superb club and DJ footage of the actual event, and for free. For those that were there, it's like reliving the thing all over again for the hour, and those that couldn't make it, get to go for an hour whenever they want to, for ever more. For free!

We are going to do our bit to help as much as we can, including an SEO & blog integration project, site structural work and optimisation in the usual fashion, and put it up there in the men's keywords wherever we can, plus a social media campaign, and ongoing consultancy.. For Free! :)

As in fact all our spec ops work is going to be from now on.

We've decided that what with the imminent collapse of financial civilisation as we know it, that its probably better to have lots of friends, than lots of friends who owe you money..

If you feel that you maybe qualify for an seo spec ops grant, you may state your case here in the comments of this (dofollow - in the comment username only) blog.

Spammers will be deleted as always.

That's all, as you were.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Random Ibiza

we've been a bit bogged down with work the last couple of weeks and of course making the most of the summer beach weather before all our seasonal friends head off (and miss the best bit)

but things that have made us chuckle this week include:

1) Random and unexpected inclusion of our website in the Pacha magazine's Ibiza Online column, this is a good one :) the entry is as quoted below: SEO (search engine optimisation) giving you all the info you need while you are on the Island.

SEO (Optimizacion del motor de busqueda) te proporciona toda la informacion que necesitas sobre la isla

although obviously pleased to make Pacha (the magazine, not the club) we're also somewhat bemused by that description, as we're definitely not trying to be yet another Ibiza directory** type site, so not sure what it is exactly that they think we do.. ..still Pacha Magazine, without even asking is always good. :)

2) The Ibiza Concierge / VIP Services searches currently...

have a look Google Ibiza VIP Services ..exactly what kind of high-end, exclusive, ultra luxury concierge service for the discerning billionaire thinks it's appropriate to spam Gumtree, and every other free listing service they can find with their website address? :) Do they think the average billionaire would be suitably impressed by an advert in Gumtree (and check the descriptions in Google that Gumtree gives, theyre not exactly compelling ;) ) ..or would even consider entertaining a company whose best hope of getting their site seen in Google is by multiple spamming Gumtree with their website address, and who are shameless enough to do just that? :) lol.

3) ** People who think there is still a market for more Ibiza directory type sites and that they are actually going to make a living from Ibiza businesses advertising on their sparkly new websites, and that no=one has thought of, or tried this before....?

plan (b) required people.

4) finally a little some competition on the Superior SEO Services front. ..c'mon Butch, that's more like it... ;)

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