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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Internet Marketing Pirates Ibiza

somali piratesHaha right listen up.

Ok never mind your good old fashioned Somalian Pirates (inset and well worth a look close up - photoshop genius at large :)

A new breed of Piracy just been internationally recognised and outed on the well-known anti-internet Piracy Organisation: .. Twitter

And these particular internet pirates were caught just blatently nicking someone else's design for their new flagship "Creative Internet Design" site, packed the hilt with nothing but design portfolio examples.. ..hmm.. :)

The Twitter trail of piracy is screen-shotted below

Captain Whiteheart & the "technical wizards & creative geniuses" have been doing this kind of thing at least since the beginning of 2008 when they also "borrowed some inspiration" from another site, only they "borrowed" so much they accidentally left the links to the original site in place :) (about 2/3 of the way down the page...)

"They went as far as actually cutting and pasting our code whole, and just swapping our pagelinks for theirs (as demonstrated by their forgetting to remove one of our links and linking back to us by mistake.."

Clearly this is not a very intelligent adversary :)

And this is the same "company" who are also risking one of their client's expensive new sites being banned from Google by hiding links to their own advertising site on it. (second half of previous post - code red nose)

This piracy alert will stay up until these and all other unethical techniques and hidden links are removed from all client sites.

SEO Spec Ops Ethics (Anti Piracy) Department out.

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