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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Attention America!! - (Keyword) Sniper Alert

Right listen up.

We find your insolence absolutely intolerable and your resolute defence of Country & Western and the one called "Streisand" is against everything we stand for here in the civilised world.

We warned you here Attention America and we've given you every possible chance including keyword sniping google to comply without making us resort to force, so now unfortunately you leave us no other option,'s "shock and awe" time.

It is possibly just a little outside of UN law, but well, we're right, you're wrong, and what do they know, so we're just going to do it anyway. ...sound familiar hmm?

HQ have now fixed the issues at basecamp, we've had a good R&R and are fully re-supplied ready for a little more foreign travel & serp invasion. It will surely help rid the local inhabitants of their tyrant leaders, and if not, well, we'll pick up all the lucrative rebuilding contracts once we've bombed your SERPs to bits anyway, so its win-win (for us)

You'll notice ** superior small business ** is now firmly under our control once again this morning after a daring seo commando raid in the early hours of yesterday morning, and we are now camped just over the brow of the first page ready for the final push on superior business just as soon as the radio call comes in.

So we would advise saying your goodbyes to your women now, because we will obviously be confiscating them on arrival, athough to be fair, once they see us and understand where they'll be living, they rarely complain for very long.

and if they do, well, we're still right and they're still wrong ;)



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