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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Attention America!!


...was someone talking when they should have been listening again ? does this ring any bells from just the previous post?

...since taking the town of "Superior" in the USA siege, during the ongoing superior seo services campaign, which is showing most clearly in the Google ** Superior Small Business ** search

..We will accept your conditional surrender in the above search at any point, conditions as below:

The immediate surrender of Dolly Parton & Barbara Streisand

Immediate & full renounciation of Country & Western Music

We must see at least 100 million hits to Ibiza Global Radio per day from the USA within 2 weeks or we will take your title search in the name of the Ibicenc SEO Warriors and laugh at you from on high. ;)

over and out.


..well we werent messing about and we got fed up with your insolence.

Streisand and Country & Western are NON NEGOTIABLE and so we took it anyway.

We hereby claim this on behalf of the Ibicenc SEO warriors, and you should consider yourselves laughed at until further notice.

..don't make us come after Superior Business too.. you have been warned.


data logger said...

..and you are still number one for "attention america" and "superior small business" even now.

I think they should surrender.

ibiza boat charter said...

This is very funny, did they ever respond to your demands?

Benedetto from Funky Dolphin

Micheal said...

You are still number one.
can you share me tips, how you are on top?

Spec Ops Commander said...

Hi Michael. unfortunately not it's classified information known only to the spec operatives themselves.

although going here The Art of (Serp) War and here Tactical linking tactics wouldn't be a bad start.


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