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Friday, May 2, 2008

Google Analytics & funny things people type

Apart from being a fundamental analysis and feedback tool, Google analytics / webmaster tools is also a never ending source of amusement at the things people type, and the sometimes random things you accidentally rank for.

here's a few of ours and our clients hits from April that have made us chuckle.

  • Us: Ibiza + fairy "nice" - #1
  • Us: design fairy dust - #5
  • Us: superior small? - #3
  • Us: hq pleasure blog - #2
  • Us: classy phrases - #2
  • Us: blog horse march 2008 dofollow - #8 (..seo @ work :)
  • Client: inhibriated dictionary - #4
  • Client: nonsensical wonder - #12

and (un)surprisingly since taking the town of "Superior" in the USA siege, during the ongoing superior seo services campaign, which is showing most clearly in the Google Superior Small Business search

try search

we have also started to pick up some traffic from what we can only assume are people researching their business prospects in Superior USA .

..hola from Ibiza - America :)

We will accept your conditional surrender in the above search at any point, conditions as below:

  1. The immediate surrender of Dolly Parton & Barbara Streisand
  2. Immediate & full renounciation of Country & Western Music
We must see at least 100 million hits to Ibiza Global Radio per day from the USA within 2 weeks or we will take your title search in the name of the Ibicenc SEO Warriors and laugh at you from on high. ;)

over and out.


vacation rentals said...

both "inebriated dictionary" and "nonsensical wonder" could well be us?

city breaks said...

have you pulled her yet? :)

maybe a naughty weekend break on expenses might move things along?


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