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Friday, May 23, 2008

Google strips blogger blogs from SERP?

Over at HQ they made some big changes to the site last week and naturally assumed that as some of the rankings tanked immediately as the new pages cached, that they'd got the calcs wrong.

However since then the forums have been filling up with people saying their rankings have tanked across the board at around the same time.

And now a thread in Digitalpoint points out that Google's own Blogger blogs have been fairly rinsed from the index, and everyone's looking, and seeing theirs has gone too.

And, checking, our long standing #2 for *Microsofts Free Websites* search (see link for screenshots) has indeed vanished, and is not showing in the top 10 pages...

This is somewhat of a relief as hordes of angry Microsoft-loving mid Westerners have been making our lives hell with their Country & Western-loving redneckiness.

We are actually relieved to no longer have to shoulder the responsibility of being the #2 authority site on a Microsoft freebie gimmick we didnt think much of, aimed at pocket rinsing of stupid people, as to be fair the C&W loving Republicans deserve everything MS have in mind.

Check your levels but we suspect that if you had a blogger blog that was ranking for anything more than some random drunken typo about some div of a singer you can kiss that goodbye.

On a lighter note the SEO Malta invasion is full steam ahead, the boys landed last late night, indexed today and will be putting their feet up in your local in Valetta in a few days time I wouldnt wonder.


Kosal said...

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