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Monday, March 10, 2008

Yoga in Ibiza

A lot of our clients would prefer to do their own linkbulding to save money, and to learn themselves what the magic fairydust entails, and we are more than happy to go along with that due to our workloads.

We explain the best way to achieve what they need to do, set them up and send them on their way, with any help they need on the end of our livechat faciilty always available to them.

One such is our current "Yoga in Ibiza" search client and friend who is a published and accomplished yoga writer Jax Lysycia author of Yoga & Pilates for healthy Living who actually has a new book out soon, watch out for it all you Yogis I know are reading this ;)

So we've gone along with our own Business Blogging Advice, set her up a starter blog HERE and pointed her in the direction of a few of the best Yoga Forums we could find.

Most small business searches do not generally need huge amounts of links to their sites to rank effectively, they need intelligent targeted and preferably relevant links, and using this approach is usually always enough unless you are up against heavyweight opposition or other SEO companies and their clients.

We look forward to helping Jax raise her own profile enormously over the internet in the next few months :)


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