The Ancient Ibicenco Fighting Art of Search Engine Optimisation

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SEO Freebies for mates

Its been raining here this last few days and that usually always means muchos internet mischief, and sometimes even getting enough time to look at the ever growing list of freebies for the bosses mates.

The internet mischief will likely be in the form of trying to slip as many dirty double entendres in as we can without it really noticing.

So it's been a couple of months since bosses pal in Malta launched his new real estate website and as we didn't build it from scratch and were limited greatly by the design we couldn't get it right from the start, so it's not as strong as it should have been.

And obviously summer's over now and he's stopped laying around in the sun all day, so now he wants to get started on it just as our client workload goes ballistic. tut.

Anyway as the navigation is all very natural (totally unoptimised) and the designer has seen fit to lock everything that matters away within a dreamweaver template upon which the site is constructed on (?!) we have little option really but to add in some better seo content in the form of new a couple of new "built to rank" pages outside of that framework.

It's a good job contextual linking works better for integrating new pages into a site because apart from editing each page in notepad that's the only real option.

So introducing Property in Gozo and her cute little sister Property in Malta, and while we're at it say hi to B&B Ibiza - Ibiza Accomodation & Bed & Breakfast - it's HQ's latest seo web design project an sbs sniper no less, but more bloody freebies to mates.

Alliances the boss calls them, unpaid overtime more like. anywa due to an over exuberent xml sitemaps plugin this one already had a "dry" launch i.e. without feeling the wet warmth of Ibiza linklove injected deep into it's latent ranking potential at it's Google debut, but the owner is still still twiddling so it's time to give that one too.

Right, hold it down.. Ibiza out.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Video Marketing by Numpties

What's the point if it doesn't convert? c'mon, honestly, what's the point?

you might well end up with your video on the first page, like the SEO Rapper did, and still ranking highly for "link building" all this time later, but exactly how many people do you think see Digital numpty-boy and think, I know, I'll get him to do my link building? :)

But at least that one pulls it off by sheer humour / entertainment / originality, whereas this next example is just spam by any other name. Video SEO spam maybe, but hardly deserving of a Google front page for a hotly contested term, by the best small business SEO services companies around.

Check this. small business seo routinely shows up on Google Page 1 for "small business seo" :)

bwahahahaha!! mum always said if you can't think of anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, so we'll shut up now.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

DC10 Closed

Courtesy of the mighty Ibiza Voice breaking the news first yet again, ....the bas***os only went and shut DC10 again yesterday.

The Authorities closed the Dc10 this Monday just 10 minutes before Circoloco session was supposed to start…

Last week, at a meeting of the Sant Josep Council, it was confirmed that "in the next days" the owners of DC10 will be informed of the requirement to comply with this most recent in a long list of sanctions; on this occasion a €300,000 fine and closure for 1 year. hello!!'re not making any friends here you know..?

Credit Crunch anyone? Worldwide recession imminent? Meltdown of the Dollar? Global financial problems etc etc? all the friends and goodwill we can get would be nice, if possible?


Saturday, October 4, 2008

More SEO Funnies

Being vigilant SEO humour hunters we hate to see funny sites that have been around ages that we didnt know about. It is tangible proof of either one of two things:

We have been working too hard..

or.. We have been slacking in the humour-rooting out department.

Knowing what staff in Ibiza in the summer are like it's probably a combination of both. However on the plus side, this lot are as slack as us, and have only managed 4 posts in the one year and three months their site has thus far been alive for.

The pictures are from the digital heretic. funny stuff, check the links to the posts.

Heretical Marketing posters I and Heretical Marketing Part II

And if any heretics should see this, get posting again you slackers, if we have to work, even here, then you lot with your financial crisis es and impending winter weather must need to..

Oh yea, nearly forgot, new site to index, Ibiza Pro DJ supplying, well, DJ Equipment Packages in Ibiza. Not finished yet, but the new owner wants to play so we'll index it anyway.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Funniest URL of September

Disguised.. ..but not very heavily. We could find him in 5 seconds from this ;)

the charges you would be paying for this genius are $3-8000 per month.

we kid you not.

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