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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

DC10 Closed

Courtesy of the mighty Ibiza Voice breaking the news first yet again, ....the bas***os only went and shut DC10 again yesterday.

The Authorities closed the Dc10 this Monday just 10 minutes before Circoloco session was supposed to start…

Last week, at a meeting of the Sant Josep Council, it was confirmed that "in the next days" the owners of DC10 will be informed of the requirement to comply with this most recent in a long list of sanctions; on this occasion a €300,000 fine and closure for 1 year. hello!!'re not making any friends here you know..?

Credit Crunch anyone? Worldwide recession imminent? Meltdown of the Dollar? Global financial problems etc etc? all the friends and goodwill we can get would be nice, if possible?




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