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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Climb Online - Spec Ops Recall 2015

Right listen up,

It has indeed been a three years now since our last op, so you'll all be fresh and raring to go won't you?

As you can see, we have a full code red situation that must be dealt with asap,

Climb Online
climb online seo twattery looms large

Recce patrol are already observing the target and probing the perimeters as we speak, but it looks as though it may be a longer drawn out affair than our usual "smash their back doors in and gone" style, so be ready for a wait out and a sustained bombardment as we approach target.

Be aware this mission is against a well financed and resourced opponent, funded and controlled by the TV terrorist organisation "The Apprentice" ..we have not faced anything remotely like this since we gave Branson's Virgin TV a solid SERP kicking back in 2008.

Ok, all operatives to your posts, remember just do your jobs, and we can all get back to the beach,

Over & out

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