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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dofollow for SEO Spec Ops Blog

Ok following Blog HQ's dofollow testing period we finally got round to taking the nasty nofollow off the comments here too. Genuine input is always welcome, and doubly so from people who get the humour... ;)

Comments will be ruthlessly moderated so there is no point whatsoever using your lame comment spamming software here, to be genuine is all we require to bask in warmth of Ibiza's linklove..

Also please do note ONLY THE USERNAME IS DOFOLLOW, comment body links remain disabled.

Examples of what NOT TO DO in comments kindly provided by numpty here: CQSEO tactics

and more here: Clueless SEO Spammers

We look greatly look forward to intercourse with you all... ;)


Ibiza Blog said...

oh good another one for me to spam :)

organic wine said...

hello Ibiza. duly noted, Ibicenco linkylove is like no other so I'm told?

Vindia said...

Its nice for me to know one more channel for link building. thank you very much share with us if you have some more channel to tell us. Bye

Blog HQ said...

lol at the blatent front of the average dofollow linkhunter these days.. "just one more channel for linkbuilding for me.."

not.. "..a brilliantly written military style parody on the Art of War as applied to SEO with your tongue planted firmly in your cheek.." we're sure it will one day come to be described.. ;)


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