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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Clueless SEO Blog Comment Spammers

Ok Comment Spammer public outing warning time. We're not actually publishing the link, but anyone who wants to will find them easily enough from this, this is the second time this particular company / individual have left this same comment now over at Blog HQ.

In the great tradition started by the Hobo about the SEO clueless numpties at SEO Services India and their continual blog comment bothering, we now have another contender for the SEO Clueless awards.

They search Google blogsearch for their term of the day, arrive on the site unaware that we have them under close surveillance with our hi-tech spec ops equipment Woopra Live Analytics they drop their dirty package and flee the scene of the crime all in 20 seconds.

Yes, again, they're Indian, and this is their lame comment.
"Your blog is very informative n helpful .. thanks…..keep it up"

..The funniest part is this, from their site:
"No SEO professional will purposely violate [sic]nay[/lol] law:
This includes the continued and deliberate violation of
  • -Trademark
  • -Copyright
  • -Service mark
  • -Laws associated with spamming"
Well there arent really any LAWS that we know of per se, but there are rules and just good practices, and how about we give you a free SEO tip?

...DON'T DO THIS, ON SEO BLOGS, OR PREFERABLY ANYWHERE. may work on some of the public but you're pushing your luck at HQ or here, and indeed anywhere with half a clue, as all they have to do is insert your comment in Google and they can see your last day or two's work immediately..

In the meantime our SEO India invasion continues unabated, and we're already above you for your money terms, so be warned, next time we'll Hobo you right up and outrank you for your own name with a post just like this..



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