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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Clueless SEO Humour

More SEO Humour firstly in a "name them and shame them" kind of way today, from the SEO Clueless section of the SEO Consultants site, and in particular their Clueless Link Exchange Directory made us chuckle ..designed to catch out hapless "SEOs" (if anyone using automated link exchange software anymore really has the front to call themselves that anymore) who specially requested a link exchange on this particular page:

... All have been gratefully received and kindly granted their wish of a place in their specially created Hall of Clueless SEO Numpty Shame ... if you see yourself in there you can apologise nicely and ask to be removed.

however, if you keep it up here, however instead of just deleting your nonsense we may do the same kind of outing shortly.. ..I mean honestly you wouldn't go up to invading Roman Legionaires as they hacked their way into your strongholds and ask them if they wanted to swap Mama's spaggetti sauce recipes would you? - No? .. well knock it off then. have been warned... ;) and secondly this

from Quality Nonsense is quite amusing, - not new by any means but we don't think most of the desperados & spammers who pass through this deserted outpost will have seen it before, (and theyre nofollow so they definitely won't have read it)

SEO Civilians probably wont understand at all but SEO Warriors should get the drift. have to click the image and go through to the original blog post because on theirs the different parts of the pie chart all go to the relevant places. It's actually so old (in SEO years anyway) that it now shows as a sitelink on their site if you search for "Quality nonsense" as well..

It'll be funny when that happens here, our irreverent sitelinks would be a sight to behold :)


property malta said...

very funny but you probably do sail a bit close to the wind with some of this.

hopefully i wont be getting abused to badly for my comment?



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