The Ancient Ibicenco Fighting Art of Search Engine Optimisation

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

While the cat's away..

And so the mighty Spec ops return for 2009's nonsense fresh from the slopes of Andorra where we snowboard like we optimize, ie

"balls out, let's have it!!"

...and what do we return to? ..some cheeky (Welsh!!) monkey has hijacked ours/ our mate's Ibiza-Girls pic (and hence rankings and traffic, but that is not the issue here, as we're just messing about experimenting anyway) the cardinal sin here is one of trying to pass off said Ibiza ladies pic (that we ranked #1 a while back) as bloody welsh birds out in Cardiff!! wtf!

There is no way in a million years that anyone is going to believe those luscious ladies are to be found a f***ing stag do in Cardiff anyway!! Get a grip.

This will not be tolerated lightly, believe you me you little Welsh-stag-monkey ;)

So lest anyone forget, these are IBIZA GIRLS !!

..Again, GIRLS FROM IBIZA.. got it? - we will police and defend our beloved Ibiza Google image searches and brand vigorously.

- Unless a full apology and appropriate credits to the owners of the pics - the Mighty Ibiza Voice are made within 48 hours you can consider yourself one of the Spec Ops projects for 2009.

(involving Google trolling mainly and whatever else amuses us at the time ;) so sort it out.


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