The Ancient Ibicenco Fighting Art of Search Engine Optimisation

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Maltese Girls Update

So the previous Maltese girls optimization project isn't going quite to plan as yet, and so likely needs another good poke with some linkage.

There also appears to be something wrong with original image hosting not allowing us to shunt it, so the Mallorca lady is now showing at #23 instead of our target.

So we've had to re-host her ourselves (the chance would be a fine thing :) ..but are still linking at the host blog post, as we eventually want that to rank, not our re-hosted version.

the finest of Google's Maltese Girls...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Maltese Girls need Optimizing?

Right after our easy success with shuffling the Ibiza girls image searches around to be a bit more to our liking we're thinking we should probably do this for our neighbouring islands too?

Mallorca's isn't too bad, but Malta could do with some attention, between the pop stars and the Maltese Terrier dogs, its looking a bit limited..

As we now have a permanent outpost garrison stationed over here we ought to help sort it out a bit for them really, especially being as the local indigenous SEO crew don't seem to care at all, or haven't gotten round to it yet anyways...

They're probably far too busy worrying about "rankings and traffic" to get on with any of the really important SEO duties.. (And then they wonder why their ladies leave them so easily once conquered.. :)

So we dug back a bit and way back on page 3 at a lowly position #45 we found this young lady..

maltese girls

As it says in the caption (Click her to go there) no, Maltese Girls are not bad at all :)

..We knew that anyway, its just your image search results letting you down. ...give it a couple of weeks, Ibiza will sort it out for you ;)

Over and out.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

SEO Humor - Funny Google Searches

So the latest on SEO humor round-up..

First up, another funny pi$$take blog, (well hope so anyway, even funnier otherwise) ..this guys left a couple of comments on our blogs and so will likely notice this link.. we'll see soon.. :)

..Definitely worth a look when you're bored Optimize my Ass

And the last couple of weeks have been a bit slow on the funny search hits, but we have managed to round up a few suitably dry ones, and they're on a on a proper Ibiza celebrity hunting mission this time...

-first up we have..

  • Commando P*rn Guy - lol !
then the stalking begins:
  • dannii minogue home Ibiza where? - lol yes we'd like to know that too :)
  • Peaches Geldof Ibiza where?
  • San Joan Ibiza Jade Jagger house
Then we have some cheerful souls obviously wishing us all the best in the current situation:
  • crisis in Ibiza 2008 people have no money
  • the big freeze Ibiza
  • Ibiza f*cked
And amusingly (if somewhat predictably) the traffic to this hardly visited of places is up like 500% since the girlies did their stuff. :)

Yes.. ...well they are rather fine aren't they..? :)

But in conclusion, it does seem, strangely enough, that the global general population are more interested in (looking at pictures of) Ibiza's girls, than reading about Ibiza's SEO??!!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ibiza Girls Optimized!!

Remember this from 3 weekends ago? Ibiza Girls image optimization?

We basically decided that:

a) Google's impression of "Ibiza girls" didn't really do them justice..

b) We needed to experiment with image optimization sniperage a little..

Results are in, direct hit (#1 ;) with the primary target, and #8 for the secondary.

Now dont come round messing our SERPs up with your sub standard ladies any more

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snipers strike

Since our sniper team moved to their forward OP and now take on any necessary deployments, spec ops can now get back to our real role of SEO Recon & CQSEO battle tactics

This generally involves long range missions scouting the enemy positions /strength, and then lying up waiting for the snipers to arrive and guiding their SERP strikes in.

This weekend's sniper targets are: Senior Resorts creating your dream lifestyle in La Vera Spain. This is a new development project underway, you'll be hearing more about this in time to come.

And a very talented young Ibiza Dance & Cabaret Production company's first website, and is also a little seo experiment to see if Google does have a look down nofollow links, or not.
Both are still works in progress but it's time to fire up the laser sights & guide the Googlebot strikes home..


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ibiza Photography

Announcing Ibiza Photography the latest project from the SBS.

This is a particularly poorly defended target and a top 3 launch is possibly on the cards.

Initial targets defined as Ibiza photography / photographer / Ibiza weddings get the idea.

Again it's not finished yet, but the new owner is coming over for her user training tomorrow so she'll be finishing it off, now we're going to try and get it showing top 5 in Google before handover..

Spec ops, fire at will....

And a big shout to our favourite London photographer

Edit 12-12-08 - direct hit.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Malta & SEO ?

Ok listen up.

Word's coming in of dissent, or maybe even a small insurgency bubbling up over in our occupied territories, the Archipeligo of Malta SEO.

Spec ops have been dispatched with orders to deal with the uprising quickly, but without upsetting the locals too much if at all possible.

It's always the same in any of our occupied territory SERPs the natives do sometimes do get a bit restless but it's for their own good.

It's like the Roman invasions of old, we build infrastructures and pave the way for SEO progress (civilisation) to begin, even if their Darwinian clocks do run a little slower than ours.

After all it's Malta or more precisely Gozo where they "don't even believe in SEO" :)

...and even some who do believe in it, aren't very good at it, as HQ were contacted during the week by a local Maltese business with a website that was supposedly already under the care of a "local SEO company" for a year, and yet when we looked at their site, it was completely unoptimized.
Every page title was identical, and yet this "SEO company" were shameless enough to still put their link on the site.
Somewhat embarassing for them, but not surprising because they're not an SEO company at all, but rather just another web designer trying to cash in on SEO, and we all know what happens then don't we....?

But this company wasn't a good fit for us and we're far too busy to take on clients who arent a good fit, so we agreed it wasnt suitable for either party and disengaged.

If any of the local rebellion would like a hot lead on who may be currently looking for a good SEO company in Malta, please do get in touch on the details over at HQ and we'll pass the lead on.
(Tip, it will be a much quicker and easier way of getting SEO work than trying to outrank us ;) )
Ibiza out.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Keyword Snipers in Training

Ok listen up, here's some ultra rare footage of our legendary spec ops keyword sniper team in training at Marina Botafoch Ibiza. You can clearly see Ibiza old town in the background.

This particular candidate obviously failed (because of the personal phone call in the middle of the mission -fft!) but we think he'll pass the re-sit test.

shout to the LK for Ibiza town camerawork

and "Jessica" take note ;)


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