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Friday, December 5, 2008

Malta & SEO ?

Ok listen up.

Word's coming in of dissent, or maybe even a small insurgency bubbling up over in our occupied territories, the Archipeligo of Malta SEO.

Spec ops have been dispatched with orders to deal with the uprising quickly, but without upsetting the locals too much if at all possible.

It's always the same in any of our occupied territory SERPs the natives do sometimes do get a bit restless but it's for their own good.

It's like the Roman invasions of old, we build infrastructures and pave the way for SEO progress (civilisation) to begin, even if their Darwinian clocks do run a little slower than ours.

After all it's Malta or more precisely Gozo where they "don't even believe in SEO" :)

...and even some who do believe in it, aren't very good at it, as HQ were contacted during the week by a local Maltese business with a website that was supposedly already under the care of a "local SEO company" for a year, and yet when we looked at their site, it was completely unoptimized.
Every page title was identical, and yet this "SEO company" were shameless enough to still put their link on the site.
Somewhat embarassing for them, but not surprising because they're not an SEO company at all, but rather just another web designer trying to cash in on SEO, and we all know what happens then don't we....?

But this company wasn't a good fit for us and we're far too busy to take on clients who arent a good fit, so we agreed it wasnt suitable for either party and disengaged.

If any of the local rebellion would like a hot lead on who may be currently looking for a good SEO company in Malta, please do get in touch on the details over at HQ and we'll pass the lead on.
(Tip, it will be a much quicker and easier way of getting SEO work than trying to outrank us ;) )
Ibiza out.


Anonymous said...

haha you just dont care at all do you? I have to live here! :)


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