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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Keyword Sniping & Google fun..

A few people have been having some SEO-style fun in the Google charts recently, it's becoming a bit of a game lately for many with the ability to make their writings show up in the SERP.

The Hobo was doing it at the expense of a poor little Indian SEO guy who was doubtlessly just trying to feed his family by ninja link spamming Shaun's blog, and he's also been picking on another poor helpless guy just trying to earn a crust selling some (very obviously) genuine and all-above board T-in the-Park Tickets.

...Well, to be fair the Scottish are well known for their fiestiness, but in Ibiza we're harder still.

We not picking on your seo-clueless helpless man-on-the-street types, we're taking on the world's mightiest, most technical and misguided nation themselves.. America.. check us...

attention america

Now listen up, and listen good, HQ dropped the ball and let us down with the backup, so we had to let you have superior small business back again, but it won't last and we won't go away...

Your 12 million page searches are nothing for the Ibizenco warriors and our mighty blogspot google-weaponry, we can harass the world's richest man himself and his mighty corporation for for their own name and products - Microsofts free websites

& we will not go away until you renounce Country & Western and hand over Streisand, and be warned if we have to come back again, we won't stop and let the ragnecks get away like last time, we'll take Superior Business next time too and finish it off.

Make it easy on yourselves and hand them over or the SEO Jihad will resume.

Cutts is great!! Cutts is great!!

SEO Ibiza are off to the beach.


Anonymous said...

No Way you Ibiza SEO are harder than us Scots - No Way! lol

I'd be willing to job-swap-holiday for a couple of weeks.... let me know a time that suits :)

Anonymous said...

lol :)

hi Shaun. not really up for coming to Scotland as you can probably imagine but if you need a holiday we can always use fellow seo warriors in the struggle aqainst the evil of Country & Western.

also seriously toying with an "seo services India" serp invasion, because, well, we probably can.. :)


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