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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Fittest SEO Assistant in the World?

Over on Jaan Kanellis' Blog (..just noticed spelling mistake Jaan sorry, dyslexic assistant!) a while back he had a bit of a hit by taking SEO back to basics, well, not so much SEO, as just back to basics, i.e. sex & sex appeal, with a post called: Who is the best looking lady in SEO

..Now everyone knows that sex sells, so this was canny move on Jaan's behalf and obviously attracted a good amount of attention. And there are indeed some lovely looking ladies there, (plus a few also rans to make up the numbers I suspect - no offence, each to their own, beauty is in the eye of.. etc)

However living in Ibiza, we know a little about foxy ladies, as millions of them make a beeline for us every summer to shake their booties in the world's best clubs, and experience the Ibiza vibe of freedom & party hedonism, so we feel more than qualified to comment on this.

And we have just hired a new SEO assistant (female) and quite literally believe she may well be the fittest (as in sexy fit, not running / exercise fit) SEO assistant in the world, and who will be presenting our new video for our Simple SEO section very shortly, so that you may judge for yourselves.

The best thing about it is that she is also clever. I mean really clever, Masters Degree in International Relations clever. She's also a model, presents on radio, TV and several other jobs besides..

Currently all we can reveal is that she is in this picture below, but we think you should probably subscribe so you don't miss the new video / announcements etc...

..and this is before the troops return with the latest (very willing) spoils of war from the seo services india campaign..

We are a very lucky little SEO team indeed to be stationed here in Ibiza.. ;)


Optimize said...

lol nice staff if you can get them.

might have to come get me some of that :)


SEO Malta said...

So are you sending us an assistant or 2 like this then? Dave says "he's not bothered about experience as long as they're flexible" ;)

seo Consultant said...

nice staff and efforts to get popular

high command said...

lol. if you've read much on here you'll know popularity isnt really our goal ;)

Ibiza said...

Where is the video? I don't see it. In Ibiza we have foxy ladies, of course. I live in Figueretas and I see three or four every night, but i haven´t been on the beach of the photo...

Seo Company Melbourne said...

I think it's highly unfair that you get to have staff who are that awesome!! It's way too cold in Melbourne for those outfits, but we love them.


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