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Sunday, July 6, 2008

SEO Web Design Malta

Right, news has reached us of some mild insurgency (well, lip anyway) on the SEO Malta & Gozo campaign. ..Apparently some local numpty "doesn't believe in SEO or something" ?

..after we stopped laughing (several hours) we decided he obviously needs a bit of a Google SERP kicking to drive the point home.

The temptation to put this deluded rebellion down once and for all by outranking this plum for his own company name is very strong, but as we always try to act graciously in our conquered lands, this will always be the last resort..

So instead we thought we would just go after their prime terms web design malta :)

We warn you, do not make the boys from Blog HQ bring the SEO War to you, because they will get really rough, and we promise you, that you will prefer cooperation and the far gentler art of SEO on the beach.

As usual, the terms are:
..and of course mandatory swearing of your undying allegiance to Ibiza Global Radio.

We await your surrender forthwith.


mrlk said...

i was wondering about these blogs until i read your disclaimer in the top right ;)


web design malta said...

haha ..there's no room for sensitive feelings in times of war.

..can't take the heat, stay out of the battle-zone and all that..

..wonder if they'll "believe in SEO" when we boot their front door in and escort their ladies from the premises? ;)

kenneth said...

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superior seo said...

listen mr "seo professional" you are amongst hardened seo troops here. we know your game ;) however we've published this time because we would like people to feel welcome here not intimidated by the rough talk..

you should probably bear in mind that the name box only has the nofollow removed, link dropping in the comments is no good to you..

"professional" eh? :) hmm..


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