The Ancient Ibicenco Fighting Art of Search Engine Optimisation

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SEO Freebies for mates

Its been raining here this last few days and that usually always means muchos internet mischief, and sometimes even getting enough time to look at the ever growing list of freebies for the bosses mates.

The internet mischief will likely be in the form of trying to slip as many dirty double entendres in as we can without it really noticing.

So it's been a couple of months since bosses pal in Malta launched his new real estate website and as we didn't build it from scratch and were limited greatly by the design we couldn't get it right from the start, so it's not as strong as it should have been.

And obviously summer's over now and he's stopped laying around in the sun all day, so now he wants to get started on it just as our client workload goes ballistic. tut.

Anyway as the navigation is all very natural (totally unoptimised) and the designer has seen fit to lock everything that matters away within a dreamweaver template upon which the site is constructed on (?!) we have little option really but to add in some better seo content in the form of new a couple of new "built to rank" pages outside of that framework.

It's a good job contextual linking works better for integrating new pages into a site because apart from editing each page in notepad that's the only real option.

So introducing Property in Gozo and her cute little sister Property in Malta, and while we're at it say hi to B&B Ibiza - Ibiza Accomodation & Bed & Breakfast - it's HQ's latest seo web design project an sbs sniper no less, but more bloody freebies to mates.

Alliances the boss calls them, unpaid overtime more like. anywa due to an over exuberent xml sitemaps plugin this one already had a "dry" launch i.e. without feeling the wet warmth of Ibiza linklove injected deep into it's latent ranking potential at it's Google debut, but the owner is still still twiddling so it's time to give that one too.

Right, hold it down.. Ibiza out.



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