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Saturday, November 1, 2008

SEO Humour - Funniest post of the week..

So whilst HQ are breaking the news to the SEO world about the google algo update we're trawling for clues and found this beauty over on Googlegroups of all places.

Hello, can you google people help, my site has been
in top slots at google for a long time but today i just vanish. I
spend fortune each month on buying links in, i have more than 30,000,
i need ranking back as no traffic and i am nearly sold business.

And before you all start saying paid links bad that not true, my slots
have been stolen by man who buying more then even me see

Can you solve problem immeadiatly or i must take legal action!

we kid you not.. :)


Jdancing said...

Most Google penalties are from manual reviews or paid link reports. They have a very hard time automatically identifying paid links.

What amazes me is they can't even spot links hidden in free counters.

If you don't want to be spotted in a manual check. Make sure to stick to contextual HTML text links in relevant content. You can approach webmasters to buy these one by one or use a service link

The bottom line is that if they can't spot links hidden in counters, the certainly can't spot normal links in content as paid.

high command said...

yes mr dancing..

this was spam wasn't it? good effort on slipping it past the sentries.

not quite sure what the aim was ?

more work required on your tactics sunshine.

More SEO Humour said...

more of the same ^^^^ here

ethical link building services said...

I dont really have anything to say on this matter. Im just writing some generic bull shit so i can get a free link and i'm only doing this because i noticed the blog was dofollow because i used that do nofollow addon you can get for firefox. So here i am padding out what is basically a post about nothing with some more "stuff".

If anyone is interested in my ethical link spamming services... let me know and that, watch out massive innit and tings!


high command said...

heh heh.. very funny ;)


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