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Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Rules of Engagement

Right things have gotten a bit slack round here, even for spec ops troops.

Whilst everybody knows the elite deep cover troops don't have to conform to the usual military nonsense, berets and the like, there's still no excuse for a non-disciplined demeanour and so High Command have been drafting up a new ruleset.

However on seeing the (Metropolitan!!) University of Leeds new etiquette that seems perfectly reasonable so we thought we'd just go with that instead. Highlights as below:

  • Make sure your underwear fits and is unobtrusive
  • Decorum during dinner should be maintained so as not to cause insult to your hostess
  • Refrain from clinking glasses during a toast
  • Consider whether your eyebrows are a distraction to others

We think that should smarten things up considerably around here.

Got it? right, as you were.


malta properties said...

hahaha yes this should make all the difference!

you're not all there are you?


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