The Ancient Ibicenco Fighting Art of Search Engine Optimisation

Saturday, October 4, 2008

More SEO Funnies

Being vigilant SEO humour hunters we hate to see funny sites that have been around ages that we didnt know about. It is tangible proof of either one of two things:

We have been working too hard..

or.. We have been slacking in the humour-rooting out department.

Knowing what staff in Ibiza in the summer are like it's probably a combination of both. However on the plus side, this lot are as slack as us, and have only managed 4 posts in the one year and three months their site has thus far been alive for.

The pictures are from the digital heretic. funny stuff, check the links to the posts.

Heretical Marketing posters I and Heretical Marketing Part II

And if any heretics should see this, get posting again you slackers, if we have to work, even here, then you lot with your financial crisis es and impending winter weather must need to..

Oh yea, nearly forgot, new site to index, Ibiza Pro DJ supplying, well, DJ Equipment Packages in Ibiza. Not finished yet, but the new owner wants to play so we'll index it anyway.




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