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Friday, June 26, 2009

Superior SEO .. the game is on..

Ok so apparently seo comedian from the previous post is now to be taken at least semi- seriously as he is now up to #2 for Superior SEO using what some might label not so superior seo web design techniques.

Having backed off from a serious discussion about Superior SEO web design here promising to calm down, we have it on good authority he's quitely gone off "to prove that lot wrong, my way is the best way 10k words in a scrollbar rules!! .." etc. :)

However due to Google still being eminently spammable, its working for the moment anyway.

HQ have already called in the airstrikes but Google is being slow in caching so we're on the case as well now. This might well end up a bit like bullying the retarded kid in the playground by the time it's finished, but well hey, this is serious SEO ethics business,
you rank for a phrase, does not mean you are that phrase.. ..that would be like ranking for "genius amazing brain surgeon"
.. get lost with your scalpel nutter!
Of course this applies to us too, but we are not spamming Twitter, Propellor article - marketing for links all aimed at these silly phrases and generally telling everyone else we can find who will listen, how great we are because we rank for a silly phrase.

Superior SEO Design our collective arses, the game is now on.

edit 07-07-09 click -->>link<<-- see why HQ really aren't bothered by anything except the misappropriation of the word "superior" here.
..all those superior seo #1's - traffic value? nil.
edit 09-07-09 .. dear oh dear.

Nobody hates you, mirth is a very different thing to hate, "Power Twit" is about right though.. ;)

edit 19-08-09 TN insists on various funny spamblogs he runs that he isnt spamming.

check .. :)

hmm.. looks like Wordpress themselves might just disagree ?


Front Page Rankings said...

I'm still not sure why you're feeling so bad about me here... Butch is behind you for superior seo, not me... If I'm so inferior, why bother even talking about me? Doesn't it lend some weight if you continue to feel as if somehow, some way I pose a threat to you?
Never-the-less, keep it up, I really don't mind. Business actually has been relatively good to me recently (which is why it took me over a week to get back to this silly post...)
Just to let you know, I don't plan on blogging one way or the other about your efforts here. I may be a propeller head, I may even be a flash in the pan (as it were) but I'm having fun! Hopefully that will count for something.
All the best to the sniper squad!

SEO War Room said...

I would check the PDF above for an accurate assessment of your actual chart threat to us, in an area no-one actually searches anyway :)

& I wouldn't take it too personally, we have to troll SEO numpties here, it's what we do, we have to write about something and as you are still being funny... specifically this

really made us laugh, I mean what are you thinking? this is your version of Superior SEO is it?

you're happy with potential customers first hearing of you through that are you?

it just looks like "Superior SEO spam" from here, along with all the other profile & article spam nonsense, - you want to be careful, you might end up ranking for that ;)

& yes we're stood down again the #2 ranking looks like the usual weekend index nonsense from Google again.

you ought to be honored you've held our infamous short attention spans for so long really.

Front Page Rankings said...

Of course I'm honored... still a little confused, but none-the-less, honored.
You still have the biggest advantage and always will... living in Ibiza.
Live well,

Front Page Rankings said...

Still not trying to be any kind of a "threat" here guys... but you're now #2 for 'superior SEO' on Google. I don't know how it happened... LOL
At any rate, thanks for playing, it's been fun. I can only imagine that you're going to try to get it back, but I think I'll hold on to this one for a while, it's a fun term.
Going to really be concentrating on SEO web design now (which is actually what my site is really optimized for, the superior part is a bit incidental). I'm at #16 on Google now, holding steady since last index, but I think I'll pop up a bit come next index. Still thinking that the inset scrollbar with a lot of content is worthless?
Am I still being funny? If so, that's OK, I don't mind being funny.
Take care, have fun and enjoy the sun there in Ibiza!

high command said...

Lol, hello FPR.

you can rest assured you are in no way a threat to us, even if you did end up above us for superior seo.

however suggest you switch off your personalized search and/or check on a few different DCs before making too many assumptions or too much twitter bragging, you dont want to embarrass yourself any further now ;)

here's a couple of good ones

SEO critique DC tool

SEO chat DC tool

and yes the superior seo design spam is still just as funny :) that random blog post about how "after a long battle" was hilarious.

and continually spamming the index with regurgitated nonsense is never going to be superior seo, however many times you say it.

until you come to understand that, you dont have much future in modern SEO.

Front Page Rankings said...

Hey guys, sorry for the premature post there. You're still #1 in Europe for the term, but in the US, you're #2.
So for now, it's a toss-up. But at the very least, I beat out Butch! LOL
Make it a great day guys.

high command said...

and if it stays like that, well, congratulations ;)

high command said...

"if it stays like that.."

hmm? hmm? random DC error does not a ranking make.

keep on "superior seo" spammin' ;)

high command said...

whoops, the DC tools look like perhaps "superior seo design" is slipping away today too..

more articles more articles!! :)


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