The Ancient Ibicenco Fighting Art of Search Engine Optimisation

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tactical Sitrep Ibiza

Breaking news.. some cheeky monkey has only gone and registered ..way to never be number #1 for your own name.. (we hope :)

The reason HQ's Numpty is so confident he won't get banned from Google is that he is doing the exact same thing, he has a bundle of hidden links to his HTML pages (that are shown through Flash) hidden behind a full screen Flash gay-scapade.. And he hasn't been banned yet, so this is obviously proof that "Google won't ban you for hidden links..." .. yes ok Dick. : -/

The amusing "Ibiza" searches are slowly returning, these made us chuckle this week..
  • women commando ibiza how many - ( seriously.. :)
  • girls going commando
  • ibiza + yoga + sex :) ( ..there's a thought, haven't optimized for that yet..)
  • the funniest music in Ibiza 2008 ( - David Guetta, no contest ;)
  • what part of Ibiza is Danni Minogue's house
  • Ibiza "how to blag it all summer" - got to admire their fighting spirit, down but not out.. :)
Seriously these are all real.

And to top it all off HQ have just announced they're shortly going to publish all their advanced tactics just for a laugh.

whatever next?



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