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Friday, August 22, 2008

Ibiza Uncovered - some more

After our previous declaration of Google war on Living TV Ibiza, a couple of weeks ago now and their 2008 version of Ibiza uncovered, several other mighty and just, Ibiza-loving people and organisations have jumped into the fray.

Our very own Irresponsibility tongue lasher extrordinaire herself (you dont want to get on the wrong end of a written volley from this one I promise) has fought back with a great guest post over on the Smith Travel Blog on her favourite non-clubbing activities in Ibiza, (The Real) Ibiza Uncovered 2008.

Living TV and Original Productions (hahahaha that name still cracks us up!) take heed, this is what you should have been filming. Only unfortunately now, you're probably barred ;)

& I think we can safely assume you're definitely barred from Pikes according to a mate of ours and Octavia's facebook Group. sounds like Octavia has got the right hump about it all, and any friend of Nicky Clarkes can have a right row, so we've heard.

Living TVs Ibiza.. the real Ibiza uncovered, it is most definitely not.

To all at Living from Ibiza's rebel Alliance..

...what the all4humor monkey said.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha. well put.
and cheers... i shall cherish the appellation "tongue lasher extrordinaire" ;-)

Ibiza Web Alliance said...

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