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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blue Index - White Island Style

Whilst doing a little reconnaissance (competitive research) into the (slightly dull) world of data management and storage on behalf of Blue Index the other night we happened to observe a different type of Blue Index that interested and amused us a quite a bit more..

The JWBI or Johnnie Walker Blue Index :)

If you cant be bothered to click the link it's basically a comparison between the expense levels of various establishments, calculated by how much markup % they apply to a beverage of known cost ( editorial note ..and quality ;) ) .. Johnie Walker's excellent Blue label whiskey.

They know what the places pay, calculate the markup the various establishments apply and produce a ranking figure.

This got us to thinking, we really ought to do something like this here, we could call it the White Index after our white island, and apply it to the various clubs who are all well known for extorting huge sums for drinks from their captive tourists.

Unfortunately it's unlikely that all the various clubs would actually stock JW Blue Label so we will probably have to pick something else more commonly found in clubland for our version of the Blue Index, maybe Hierbas, or in a more Ibiza Club style, Smirnoff Blue & Red Bull or something..

We have our suspicions Amnesia or Pacha will probably wi the competition with ease but should probably actually conduct some real research on the subject before bismirching their names too badly..

watch this space.


Blue Index said...

how did this "research" work out? :)


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