The Ancient Ibicenco Fighting Art of Search Engine Optimisation

Friday, August 29, 2008

More SEO Humour

More seo humor, just a quickie for the weekend.. again, it's been around a while but we only saw it a few days ago. Uber SEO :)

...favourite quotes:

Our Philosophy: If we are not part of the solution, there's good money to be made in prolonging the problem.

The funniest thing about this site is that it's not so-o far from the truth in a lot of cases we suspect.. There are certain forums where the average age of the "SEO consultants" is 19... n n n nineteen!

"The therapist recommended for him (Uber CEO Matt) to find a job where he had very little social interaction and any dumb ass monkey could do... she recommended Search Engine Optimization. So Mathew called up his buddy Charles and that was the day Uber SEO Company was formed.

To learn the process of search engine optimization Mathew and Charles read halfway through an eBook and have posted on a SEO forum a total of 37,548 times. By posting so much on that SEO forum this has made them experts in their field"

hahahahaha :) ..proper bunch of rankers.

Speaking of which Living TV's highly original production Ibiza 2008 went from strength to strength this week, with Ibiza's undisputed Number One Ranker "Sam" alleging he gets laid twice a week "cos he's on the tele" !! bwahahahahahaha !!! pull the other one. as if.

Speaking we believe on behalf of the vast majority of the real Ibiza residents..

We cannot wait until this summer is over and Living TV along with all these twats you've painted as "The Real Ibiza" ... F**K OFF HOME AGAIN! *%*$* 's !!



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