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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Funniest Link Exchange Request 2009

Maybe only funny to Brits (expats obviously) with our inate toilet humour, but this one cracked a few battle faces into smirking on parade when it arrived this week, HQ got a spam email link request from a US SEO firm called "NoB SEO" :) ..we kid you not..

and replied with the volley below:
Nob SEO? are you serious? you do realise that nob is the English slang for weiner? :)

I dont think we can link to a company called nobSEO but you could try our young mate over at

maybe you could optimize his ass with your nobSEO? :) ..good luck with that
Well they might not want to link to them because of their silly name but we have no such qualms, so have a one way link with no recips required on us, and hearty congratulations, that name is so inspired, it's almost linkbait..

Then it's back to the latest Intel (analytics) funnies, this week we have:
  • "prove you have a clue"
  • "you have a clue and"
  • ibiza fighting girls
  • ladies puppies
  • Maltese "not allowed in Ibiza" :)
  • Ibiza + girls how do I get me one?
  • is it easy to pick up grils in Ibiza
  • how do i know what spec my new ibiza is
The last of these is a question a lot of Ibiza residents have been wondering for a little while now.

Whilst the penultimate reminds us of the time last year that Brothel (Gringos) on the Ibiza -Santa Eulalia road painted "Grils" instead of girls in 4 foot letters on their newly decorated outside wall :)



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