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Monday, February 2, 2009

Virgin NTL & Living TV Ibiza complaints.

Right so while the boss is getting ready to swan off to London next weekend for some "onsite training" (read schmoozing) with his favourite boutique hotel clients, we were chuckling at the Virgin complaint letter that made it to a post on their blog last week.

They liked it so much not only did they post about it but wanted to employ Oli as a guest blogger too. ..Not sure if he's allowed to now though after all the furore.

& well, yea the letter itself was OK, but not sure it was worth all the fuss really, if it wasn't just one big Virgin PR stunt at the beginning, it probably is now. Coincidentally a while back Virgin absorbed the old cable company NTL, and so now have to answer to our favourite ever, (and slightly downmarket it must be said) complaint letter aimed at the nightmare that was NTL.

it's here: NTL complaint letter
"...seemingly limitless inadequacy" :)
..although do be warned he gets a bit more vocal than that..

So poor old Virgin now have the dubious honour of owning 2 of the best compliant letters ever, and not forgetting our very own Google style complaints about the quality and content of their godawful Living TV Ibiza series too, which this week scraped onto the first page of for, ...yep you guessed it, "utter shit" :) sometimes you just have to marvel at the accuracy of Google's relevance calculations don't you?


gozo rentals said...

I remember the NTL one, and it was about right for them at the time!


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