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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ryanair Trolled for Links?

It couldn't have happened to a more deserving case.

Ryanair have been very effectively trolled for links in a masterclass of linkbaiting, which we are going to jump right on the end of and link at too because someone needed to troll these tools.

Jason Roe, SEO blogger noticed a slight bug on the Ryanair website and blogged about it, then it all went a bit surreal with the help and input of their genius "senior programmers" 1, 2 and 3 who appeared on the blog comments in question and showed off the kind of PR and customer care skills usually reserved for the general traveling public at large on their outrageous website, or at their infamous check-in desks.

Our troll-alarm bells have been ringing since the start as to whether the "senior programmers" did actually work for Ryanair or if the whole thing was planned and engineered by the genius who is Jason Roe SEO ;)

..but Spec ops have done some research and are satisfied that the approach and behaviour shown to public on this blog is genetically highly similar to that of the sales website and therefore very likely came from the same place.

Contrast this to the virgin complaint letter thing from a couple of weeks ago, and you can very clearly see the class divide between Branson's slick PR handling & Ryanair's balls-out arrogance.

That said, once the robbery is actually over (you are successfully past the airport security and no further last minute charges can be compulsarily added to your booking) we have been impressed with the Ibiza to Stansted service this winter, and begrudgingly have to admit that Ryanair do ultimately supply good value for air distance covered.

If only they didn't do it so distastefully all the way through to that point we're sure everyone would be much happier with them generally.

Its not even that we begrudge paying, its that we don't like to be told its one price, then find out one surcharge (at a time) that it's something else entirely..

"...and will you also be breathing on our plane sir? that'll be 20 Euros.."

and hopefully some Ryanair muppets will come over here and have a go, where they'll find their reception much less polite ;)


high command said...

haha .."and will you be using our toilet sir?" 5 Euros


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