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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SEO Mastery & the Funniest Nav Link Titles Ever..

Ok this guy is just the best.. :)

we wrote about him a couple of weeks ago, back here - Return of the SEO master, but seriously he is hours of entertainment.. the "how to make a blogger blog" podcast is the funniest thing we've listened to for a long time, samples below..
"you really need to develop the habit of writing like a search engine spider.." (mmkay.. :)

"dont be concerned that people are going to read your writing and think you're an idiot.." (...this never bothers you, does it Oh master? :)

"...because you are writing for search engine spiders"
..Although this does explain a lot, isn't this in direct contravention" with Google's "content for people not engines" approach hmmm...? or in plain words, "spam" ?

and when you Google " name surname" seo - you get 42100 results, we only made it 67 pages into the results and were still finding a never-ending procession of new Spammy-McSpamSpam domains, subdomains, free blogs, press releases etc etc etc recurring.

To be fair we expect he's right and the vast majority of these have never been exposed to a human eye, but still.... :) and check these main navlink titles (and SE friendly permalinks ) on the brand new flagship blog..
"...offers top level online promotions for large to mid sized companies..."
Classic comic SEO mastery from the industry's finest.. (names replaced with xx's)

  • /?cat=4" title="domains and hosting, domains, domain names, domain registrations, buy a domain where to buy a domain, how to buy a domain,,,,, .com, .net, .biz, .info, .ws, .mobi, .tv">Domains and Hosting
  • /?cat=5" title="email marketing with autoresponders, email marketing, autoresponders, how to use email marketing,, autoresponder system">Email Marketing with Autoresponders
  • /?cat=34" title="free classified ads, post free classified ads, classified advertising, post free classified ads">Free Classified Ads
  • /?cat=66" title="Google Pay Per Click Advertising, Is Google Advertising Good For You, Google Advertising, Pay Per Clicks, Pay Per Click Fraud">Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • /?cat=51" title="How to Hire an SEO Firm, Hiring an SEO Consultant, Hiring an SEO Master">How to Hire an SEO Firm
  • /?cat=61" title="Internet Advertising, Advertising, Classified Advertising, Advertising Your Business on Google, Google Pay-Per-Click, Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising">Internet Advertising
  • /?cat=3" title="search engine optimization services, seo services, seo, sem, search engine marketing, website optimization, web optimization, google tools for webmasters, how to obtain top positions on google">Search Engine Optimization Services
  • /?cat=9" title="seo ezine articles, ezine articles, free ezine articles, ezine articles for google positions, ezine article publisher, how to write ezine articles for publication, ezine article syndication">SEO Ezine Articles
  • /?cat=7" title="seo newsletters, seo articles, seo insights, seo perspectives, seo press releases, seo on google, how to obtain top positions on google, writing google content">SEO Newsletters
  • /?cat=6" title="seo videos, search engine optimization videos, search engine optimization youtube videos,, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on youtube,">SEO Videos
He even "has a Google spider permanently attached" to his forum..

We kid you not. :)

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha... !!!


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Sunil Gupta said...

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high command said...

Lol Sunil. your spam fu is weak old son, you have a dofollow link to your blogger profile but body comments are still nofollow.

hard luck ;)


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